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Llama In My Living Room - Little Sis Nora

Zenei stílus: Dance Kiadás éve: 2017
Előadó: AronChupa

Zeneszerző: Aron Ekberg
Dalszövegíró: Aron Ekberg
My neighbour's knocking
And I open carefully
He looks a bit like Ronny Jeremy
He's screaming at me
Damn you little Albatraoz!
While he smells like
Chips and calvadaoz
He said what the hell is going on
What is that goddamn growl?
That ain't no sound of Rock ‘n' Roll
I said I'm so sorry but
I got this thing I have to show
That might be good for you to know
So I brought him inside
Don't know why
But then suddenly
He just passed out
I thought well alright
Can't deny that I got
A llama in my living room
I saw my little neighbour
Shaking on the floor
I've never seen a man like that before
He didn't even make it through
My kitchen door
He must have thought
It was a dinosaur
Then he opened up his eyes
Screaming Imma kill that thing
Then his big arm started to swing
I tried to calm him down told him
Take it easy now
It's just my llama named
Chow Chow
Then he raced up
He said what
I said I'm sorry but
I just can't stop
Now you know what what I got
That I got a llama in my living room
I got a llama in my living room



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