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Living In A Ghost Town

Zenei stílus: Pop/Rock Kiadás éve: 2020
Előadó: The Rolling Stones

Zeneszerző: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
Dalszövegíró: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
I'm a ghost
Livin' in a ghost town
I'm a ghost
Livin' in a ghost town
You can look for me
But I can't be found
You can search for me
I had to go underground
Life was so beautiful
Then we all got locked down
Feel like a ghost
Living in a ghost town

Once this place was hummin'
And the air was full of drummin'
The sound of cymbals crashin'
Glasses were all smashin'
Trumpets were all screamin'
Saxophones were blarin'
Nobody was carin' if it's day or not

I'm a ghost
Livin' in a ghost town
I'm goin' nowhere
Shut up all alone
So much time to lose
Just starin' at my phone
Every night I am dreamin'
That you'll come and creep in my bed
Please let this be over
Not stuck in a world without end, my friend

Preachers were all preachin'
Charities beseechin'
Politicians dealin'
Thieves were happy stealin'
Widows were all weepin'
No beds for us to sleep in
Always had the feelin'
It will all come tumblin' down
I'm a ghost
Livin' in a ghost town
You can look for me
But I can't be found

We're all livin' in a ghost town
Oh, livin' in a ghost town
We were so beautiful
I was your man about town
Livin' in this ghost town
Ain't havin' any fun
If I wanna party
It's a party of one